Choosing Fabric Shower Curtains

커튼봉설치 Fabric shower curtains add a pop of color and texture to your bathroom. Choose a solid for a subtle look or opt for a patterned design to tie the room together.


Make yours from a fabric that stands up to moisture like polyester, which is easy to wash and resists mold and mildew buildup. Then, add a liner to keep your curtain clean and smelling fresh.


There are a number of different cotton shower curtains, each with their own pros and cons. A solid cotton curtain can be great for an everyday look, while patterned options can add interest and spruce-up a bathroom. When selecting a pattern, think about your color palette to make sure the curtain complements the rest of your home.

Cotton is a soft, natural fabric that comes in a variety of weaves, colors and textures. It’s easy to launder and is available in a wide variety of prints and colors, making it an ideal option for a colorful and versatile curtain. Some of the most popular styles include cotton gingham, which has the pro of adding a classic look to your space; and cotton sateen, with its refined texture that looks similar to linen.

A sateen shower curtain can bring an elegant look to any bath, while a gingham curtain is ideal for a country bathroom. Both can be paired with a plastic liner that prevents mold and mildew growth in the space.

A terry cotton curtain has the con of looking too much like towels, which can look 커튼봉설치 unattractive and may also feel rough against the skin. Another type of cotton, gauze, can be a more attractive choice because it has a natural texture that feels luxurious. However, it’s not as water-resistant as a liner and can be susceptible to wrinkles.


With its soft texture and lived-in look, linen is the material of choice for bringing relaxed luxury into the bathing space. With this curtain, a simple color block pattern makes a subtle style statement. It’s garment-washed, yarn-dyed, and made in Portugal from sustainable cotton. It’s available in a range of shades to make your bathroom feel like a serene escape.

While it can stand on its own, this liner will really shine when paired with a patterned or solid shower curtain. It features a heavyweight EVA fabric that repels water, oil, and odors and is treated to reduce mildew build-up. It has a clear bottom window, 12 rust-resistant plastic hooks, and a sturdy 3-inch hem to keep the curtain securely in place.

Unlike some liners, this one doesn’t have bottom magnets or clinging issues and is easy to clean. It’s also treated to resist mold and mildew and comes in a crisp white shade that can work with any curtain. It’s also easier to hang than some, with button holes versus grommets.

It’s a good idea to pair this liner with a white or graphite shower curtain to keep it looking fresh. This polyester-based curtain has a textured surface that allows light to filter in and has a weighted bottom. It’s also woven with anti-odor technology and is treated to prevent the growth of mildew. It comes in a standard 71-by-74-inch size and can be hung with either rings or hooks.


Jute shower curtains are a great way to add texture and color to your bathroom while also introducing earthy, natural elements. They’re usually woven with cotton and may include embellishments like embroidery or lace. They’re a little heavier than plastic or polyester options but still lightweight and machine-washable. Because they’re not water-resistant, you’ll want to pair them with a fabric or plastic liner to keep water from leaking onto the floor.

If you’re looking for a curtain that can be eye-catching and bring personality to your space, try this one from Anthropologie. It has a bold pattern that can be paired with neutrals or accentuate a more maximalist style. The woven organic cotton is machine-washable, but since it’s not water-resistant you’ll need to pair it with a plastic liner.

Another option is this one from Coyuchi, which uses a weaving technique to create a distinctive, semi-irregular texture. It’s made of slub cotton, which is not only organic but durable and machine-washable as well. While it’s white, the three ruffles on top and bottom give it a feminine, chic feel. This curtain is not waterproof, but you can use a fabric or plastic liner to keep it from developing mold and mildew. It also works best if you have good ventilation and wash it regularly to prevent build-up.


When it comes to shower curtains, polyester is one of the most common materials used. It is a synthetic material that has been chemically treated to resist soaking up water and inhibit the growth of mildew, mold, and bacteria. This makes it a great option for those who want a durable and affordable fabric choice.

Unlike plastic options that can contain toxins, polyester is safe to toss in the washing machine for quick cleaning. This is a more sustainable choice than plastic shower curtains, and it can help keep your bathroom looking clean and fresh without the need for a liner.

The mDesign waffle weave polyester shower curtain is a can’t-go-wrong option that will look chic in any bathroom at an affordable price point. The polyester material is tightly woven and comes in 27 color options for you to choose from. It’s also PVC-free and is designed to promote water bead formation for water resistance.

This white hookless bathroom curtain from mDesign offers a simple, stylish look for any space. The polyester fabric is woven with a textured style and is available in many colors, including black, gray, cream, khaki, sage green, purple, and navy blue. It also features a snag-free bottom and a rustproof metal grommet. The 71-by-74-inch size is longer than standard curtains and will give you flexibility when it comes to how high to hang it.