Meal Kit Price Guide

Whether you’re looking to save time on groceries, get more variety in your meals, or just want to eat healthier, meal kits are a convenient way to prep and cook.


But finding the right one for you can be tricky. Luckily, there are plenty of services that can fit your needs and budget.

Price per meal

When you’re pricing out your menu, it’s important to understand what the average price per meal is in your area. It helps you set a target and make sure your prices are competitive. It can also help you figure out if your prices are too high and whether you should lower them or increase them.

The cost of your meals depends on many factors, including how much you cook, the quality of ingredients, and the frequency of your deliveries. In general, meal kits are more expensive than purchasing all of the ingredients yourself, but they can be a good way to save time and money.

Meal kit services also typically offer discounts and promotions for new customers, which can reduce your overall costs. For example, Blue Apron offers $180 off across six orders for first-time subscribers.

These offers are often available on meal kits’ websites, but they can also be obtained through referrals. Once you’ve signed up, you can share your unique code with friends and family members to save on their first boxes.

Other ways to save on meal kits include signing up for credit card rewards programs. Some cards, like AMEX, offer account bonuses and cash back on certain types of purchases.

You can also take advantage of introductory meal kits from different services, which usually include free shipping. For instance, EveryPlate offers meals for $4.99 to $5.89 a serving, and Dinnerly is one of the cheapest meal-kit services around at $9.99 a serving.

While the price of meal kits is generally higher than buying all of the ingredients yourself, they can be a great way to try new cuisines and cut down on food waste. In addition, they’re often easier to prepare than preparing them from scratch.

Meal kit services typically charge between $10 and $13 a serving, which is on par with some of the more expensive restaurants and fast food chains in your area. However, some meal kits like Sunbasket and Green Chef are more expensive because they use premium ingredients.

Price per serving

The price of a meal kit can range from the cost of a few items to hundreds of dollars, so it’s worth shopping around to find the best deal. While many companies have similar pricing structures, the most important determinant is how often you want to get your meals and the number of people you plan to feed. The company that has the cheapest per-person cost is EveryPlate, while Purple Carrot and Daily Harvest are also worth a look for their selection of prepared foods. The most expensive outfits, on the other hand, are Martha Stewart and Marley Spoon aficionados that offer high-end, gourmet options as well as low-maintenance staples. The cost of your first box varies by state and location. The cost of the best meal kits may be offset by discounts if you are a subscriber to the company’s e-mail newsletter.

Price per week

Many meal kit services offer introductory subscriptions that are lower than the regular price, but these prices may not be sustainable for your budget after a while. Some customers choose to cancel their subscriptions when they realize the expense is more than what they could afford with a normal grocery budget.

The price per week of a meal kit depends on how many meals you order, as well as the brand’s pricing structure. Some brands charge a flat fee for each meal, while others charge per serving of food. The average price per meal for a meal kit service is $6, but it can vary between brands.

EveryPlate strives to deliver meals that even cooking novices can pull off, with recipes that take 30 minutes or less to prepare. You can also customize many dishes, like swapping the meat or vegetables for free or a minimal fee.

This Berlin-based meal kit program is all about helping people avoid waste. It combines meal-kit delivery with cooking coaching and tracking tools to help you create healthy, balanced meals. It also includes new recipe options each week, and its box comes with fresh ingredients and colorful recipe cards to follow at home. The company’s basic plan is priced at $5 per serving, and there are other plans for a two- or four-person household. Its menu includes recipes for omnivores, pescatarians, vegetarians and those on a gluten-free or keto diet.

Price per month

Meal kit prices vary based on the service, ingredients and meal plan you choose. While more budget-friendly services like EveryPlate and Dinnerly cost $5 or less per serving, premium or health-related plans such as HelloFresh, Freshly and Green Chef are often priced between $8 to $11 a serving.

Despite the hefty price tag, a meal kit subscription can still save you money in the long run by eliminating waste and helping you avoid eating the same thing for days on end. Whether you’re looking for a fun way to spice up your routine or just want to save time on food prep, the right meal kit can make a huge impact on your diet and overall wellness.

While a meal kit can be a great choice for any household, it’s important to evaluate the best deal and find out if it’s worth the monthly bill. For example, some services offer introductory offers or free trial periods that can save you up to 50% of the normal cost. Also, some credit card shopping portals may run promotions from time to time that can help you save on your subscription.